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Designer Cheap Men Wholesale Denim Jeans

单价: 面议
供货总量: 500
发货期限: 自买家付款之日起 天内发货
所在地: 广东 佛山市
有效期至: 长期有效
最后更新: 2022-01-22 06:32
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Lady's jeans
Fabric composition: 71%cotton 27.5%chemical fiber 1.5%spandex
Fabric weight: Ounce

Color: Dark blue
Washing: Light wash, dark wash, enzyme wash, bleach wash
Label: Main label, size label, care label, hangtag, flag label, etc (designed label or logo as per the customer's request)
Quality Standard: ISO9000/2000, ISO14001, Oeko-Tex Standard 100

1. High technology content and excellent quality.
2. Reasonable price and good service.
3. All sizes and colors according to your requirement.
4. Custom design is welcome.
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